Here’s some delicious health news from the files of Miss Marlene…

“That yummy cup of cocoa might do more than warm you up: A new Harvard University study found that drinking two cups of cocoa a day for 30 days significantly improved memory in older adults. Lead researcher Farzaneh A. Sorond, M.D., says her team found cocoa drinking boosted blood flow to the brain, particularly in those whose flow was

Want to make your cocoa even better for you?

Add:  Cinnamon (moderates blood pressure)

Chili Powder (calms arthritis, may ease headaches, helps with insulin control in those with diabetes)

Peppermint (aids in digestion) ” – source: Meghan Bogardus, AARP Magazine

(Editor’s note: I knew it! Chocolate counts as a health food!)

So if those colder days of January ever return to our area, why not enjoy a cup of cocoa with your little ones? They’ll enjoy the treat, and so apparently will your brain! : )