Grace Cooperative Preschool is a cooperative preschool located in Walnut Creek, California. Here, parents participate alongside teachers in the classroom to provide a fun and enriching experience for the children. Below are some of the benefits of joining our preschool.

Children thrive at Grace because…

  • We have a higher adult to student ratio. With a teacher and several parents working in the classroom children benefit from greater richness and variety in the program and the chance for more attention and more help for individual children. Grace Cooperative Preschool’s child to adult ratio is around 4:1 to 3:1.
  • Children have an easier transition between home and school. Since parents are such an integral part of the school, they are able to stay with their child until the child becomes comfortable with separation from the parent. Additionally, with parents participating in the classroom they are more likely and able to provide consistency in the environments provided at home and school.

Parents love Grace because…

  • Grace allows parents the unique opportunity to learn and develop with your child.
  • Parents have a chance to share experiences with other parents and create lasting friendships. Since parents don’t just drop their child off at the door, they get to know each other. Working together in the classroom, sharing during parent meetings, and working together to run the preschool tends to bring parents close together.
  • Grace is a place to gain useful ideas for parenting your child at home and outside of school.
  • Parents gain a way to understand your child and other children from an educational and developmental perspective. Co-op parents see their child’s behavior in the group, they see other children’s behavior, they see a school program at work.
  • Grace provides an opportunity to shape your child’s school with your energy and ideas.
  • Parents have a chance to share and participate in their child’s first school experience.
  • Co-operative preschools cost less than non co-op preschools. Co-op parents pay less, but in turn, they obligate themselves to some very definite responsibilities.