Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is Learning Through Play. We are a Cooperative or Parent Participation Preschool, which means you participate along with your child in the classroom. In our parent participation program, our parents play and learn with their children, learn from each other and exchange ideas with the director and other parents.

Our hope is to help children maintain or achieve a positive sense of themselves by nurturing their joy in living. Through the creation of a supportive and challenging environment, we also hope to help our children develop their physical, social, and mental skills. As a result of exposure to multicultural and intergenerational experiences, our children are a valued part of the community and they contribute even at an early age. As parents participating in their school, we share directly in this exciting process.

Young children learn through play, which is their work. Because they develop in their own way and time, we seek to challenge their growth and satisfy their needs on an individual basis. Parents and teachers nurture this process best in a relaxed environment, where children are free to choose most of their activities. Since learning is fun and natural for the young child, such guidance comes most often through encouraging the child’s curiosity and extending natural play activities.

Grace Cooperative Preschool is a beautiful collaborative of supportive, accommodating, helpful and sharing teachers, parents, families and children. Not only do my grandsons learn, grow and thrive in the nurturing grace of Grace Cooperative Preschool, their entire extended family thrives.

– Trudi R., grandparent