Frequently Asked Questions


  1. What about younger siblings?
  2. What if my child is not toilet trained?
  3. How do I decide if my child is ready for kindergarten?
  4. Do the teachers encourage me to leave or will I be able to stay with my child as long as he needs?
  5. Is there a lot of time for my child to run and play, because that is most important to us?
  6. What kind of tasks are expected of me when I co-op?
  7. Is there a non co-op option?
  8. What do I do when I can not work my scheduled day?
  9. Are there scholarships?
  10. When is the tuition due?
  11. How do I get more information and/or set up a site visit?

What about younger siblings?

Many Grace preschoolers have younger siblings. Parents have many different ways they arrange care for the younger siblings while they co-op in the classroom with their preschooler. Some families have the younger siblings stay in the care of the other parent or family members. Still other families get together and exchange babysitting days to cover each other’s co-op days. Although it’s not a part of the preschool, Grace Presbyterian Church has an on-site space which they allow parents to use for child care while they are working a co-op shift. Parents who wish to use this space are responsible, as a collective, for the selection and scheduling of a caregiver, as well as periodic cleaning of the space.

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What if my child is not toilet trained?

At Grace Preschool we understand that toilet training is a process, not an event.  The children at Grace are at different stages in this process.  Your child is welcome to wear diapers or pull ups to school.  We do ask that you provide the necessary supplies (diapers, wipes, change of clothes, etc…) that your child will need.  The preschool has a child size toilet located between the two main classrooms and the teachers are always available to help children who need it.

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How do I decide if my child is ready for kindergarten?


Play is often talked about as if it were a relief from serious learning. But for children play is serious learning. Play is really the work of childhood. – Fred Rogers

As a parent, you are the best judge of whether or not your child is ready for kindergarten.  Our teachers regularly visit the kindergarten classes in the area and are familiar with the teachers, curriculum and expectations of kindergarten.  They are a wonderful resource and enjoy talking with parents about the questions they might have in deciding whether or not to place their child in kindergarten.   Enrolling your child at Grace Preschool is a wonderful step in preparing him or her for kindergarten.  For further information the following link may be helpful:    http://preschoolerstoday.com/resources/articles/kindergarten.htm

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Do the teachers encourage me to leave or will I be able to stay with my child as long as he needs?

The staff will work with you and your child permitting you to stay until your child can comfortably and successfully separate. This is one of a child’s developmental tasks, and we recognize its importance. We will support you and your child, and the teachers will help you recognize when it is a good time to leave, as well help you to find strategies that work for you both.

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My child is very active – will they have much time to run and play?

Yes, our schedule is a progression of free choice (where your child can run and play), full group, small group (snack), free choice, and ends with a full group. Because we are based on the philosophy of “learn through play”, we have designed both indoor and outdoor spaces that invite the children to explore, create, and discover. In 2011, we introduced a brand new backyard space (designed by a parent!) that focuses on the natural world, including an outdoor classroom and musical garden.

What kind of tasks are expected of me when I co-op?

A typical co-op day involves supervising and interacting with the children, snack preparation and clean-up, playground or sport court supervision, reading with a small group, or leading a game or activity.IMG_7790

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Is there a non co-op option?

Parent participation in the classroom, or co-oping, is part of what makes Grace Preschool great.  The majority of parents choose to co-op in the classroom, but there are 1 or 2 non co-oping spaces available in each class.  Parents also have the option of paying a substitute parent to cover a co-oping day ($50).  For families who are welcoming a new baby, the school offers six weeks of parental leave, in which the family is not required to co-op in the classroom in order to care for their growing family.

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What do I do if I can not work my scheduled day?

A calendar listing the days all the parents are scheduled to co-op in the classroom is created monthly.  The schedule usually is distributed to the families the week before the month begins.  If you know ahead of time that there are days you are not available to work in the classroom you can let the scheduler know the month prior and avoid being scheduled those days.  If the schedule is already  printed and you realize that you can not work on the day you are scheduled, it is your responsibility to exchange co-oping days with another parent or arrange to pay a parent substitute to cover your day.  If you have an emergency the morning that you are scheduled to co-op (such as a child who is ill or a car that breaks down) you can call the parent who is scheduled to be the emergency backup for the day.  If you use the emergency parent to cover your co-oping day you will need to make arrangements with that parent to “repay them” by covering one of their scheduled days.IMG_6901

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Are there scholarships?

Yes, there are a few scholarships available. A portion of our fundraising monies goes towards scholarships.  Grace Presbyterian Church also is very generous in contributing to our scholarship fund.  The amount of the scholarships depends on the number of people who request them and the amount of money we have available.  In the past we have given on-going scholarships to cover a portion of each month’s tuition and one time scholarships to cover special situations.  If you would like to be considered for a scholarship please contact the director, membership coordinator, president or treasurer.

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When is the tuition due?

The tuition is calculated on a yearly basis, but divided into 10 payments.  The 1st and 10th payments are due at enrollment.  From that point on, tuition is due the 1st of every month.  Families have until the 10th of each month to pay their tuition after which time a late charge of $5 per week will be applied.140

How do I get more information and/or set up a site visit?

Our membership coordinator looks forward to answering any questions you may have about the school, and/or arranging for you and your child to visit the school and experience a typical day.  To reach our membership coordinator, please call (925) 421-0150. DSCN0124