At Grace Cooperative Preschool, we have a terrific parent library for the membership’s use, with a wide variety of titles that cover topics relevant to families with young children. Parents are encouraged to peruse our shelves and check out any books that are of interest! Periodically, we will feature book recommendations from fellow parents or the teaching staff here on our blog. Today’s recommendations come from a Grace alum…

If you’re looking for solid material that is concise, a former parent suggests the series from the Gesell Institute by Ilg & Ames:

    Your Three Year Old:  Friend or Enemy
    Your Four Year Old:  Wild and Wonderful
    Your Five Year Old:  Sunny and Serene   

As the subtitles suggest, these books help parents learn what kinds of behavior typically occur at each age or stage of development.  They are well-organized and easy to use.  If your child is suddenly more whiny, aggressive, or whatever, you can check the index of one of these books and try to find a section which addresses your concerns.  Probably you’ll find that your child’s behavior is common for his or her age, and the book will give you some ideas or tips for dealing with it.
Some of the topics dealt with in each volume are characteristics of the age, accomplishments and abilities; discipline; help with routines; even tips for handling birthday parties.  There is also an appendix with lists:  suggested toys, books for children, and books for parents.

– Kerry Lincoln, Grace alum

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