Marshmallows just naturally taste better when roasted over a campfire!

This past weekend a number of preschool families piled into their vehicles and headed north to Westminster Woods in Occidental for our annual Grace Family Camp! Highlights of the weekend included:

* Sleeping in a tent in the meadow or bunking in a nearby cabin, a first time adventure for many of the children.



* Getting to roast marshmallows and eat s’mores before bedtime, 2 nights in a row!


“She’ll be coming round the mountain…”

* Sitting around the campfire and singing some preschool favorites to the accompaniment of Miss Charie, Mr. Adam and Mr. Juan on the guitar and ukelele.

* Going swimming with friends in the camp pool

* Exploring the hiking trails around the campground, including a huge cargo net to climb on and look up at the trees


Hula hoopla in the meadow

* Having fun on the awesome camp playground

* Making a family flag


Home-made toilet paper tube binoculars make for the best birdwatching!

* Creating journals, binoculars, and edible necklaces

* Stargazing on Saturday night with Miss Marlene

* Goofing around with friends in the meadow


A family performance for the variety show (“Roy G Biv is a colorful man…”)

* The 2nd annual Family Camp Variety Show!


What’s better than sitting around a campfire with friends?


Our s’more-master was coached by the children on the amount of chocolate necessary on each graham cracker.

By Sunday morning all the campers were tired but happy, ready for a nap on the way home and full of fond memories of another fun year spent with special friends in a special place. Thank you to all the organizers of this wonderful event – it truly is one of the favorite parts of our school year!









Spray-dying the family flags was a highlight of the morning crafts


A happy camper


Goofing around in the meadow










“Slippery fish, slippery fish, swimming in the water…”


Learning a new skill










The audience for the Variety Show was appreciative and enthusiastic!


Older siblings got into the act as well


Guitar, ukelele, violin…this was a musical camping trip!


Homemade bubbles are awesome