Grace Cooperative Preschool, May 11-15, 2020

Make an obstacle course! This is one of our favorite large motor activities! Running, hopping, stepping in and out of hoops, balancing, crawling through tunnels… this can be indoor or outdoor fun!

Make some hockey puck crayons! Peel the paper off of broken crayons and give them a new life! You can add them to a greased muffin tin sorted by color, or mix colors to make a rainbow. Bake crayons at 250 degrees for 15-20 minutes. Crayons will be liquid when they come out but harden as they cool.

Make a feely box! Any shoe box or tissue box can be turned into a fun guessing game. You can put one item in and ask children to describe it and guess what it is, or you can add several items for them to discover.

String a necklace! Using laces or pipe cleaner, try stringing beads or cereal or pasta. This fine motor activity can also be a counting activity!

Roll the Dice! Try rolling dice and counting how many dots you see. To reinforce the counting, try putting stickers on paper to correspond with with numbers or counting out toys. You might also like Ten Black Dots by Donald Crews.