Grace Cooperative Preschool, April 27-May 1, 2020

Go Fish! Playing with a “regular” deck of cards helps with number recognition and identifying pairs. Special “Go Fish” decks may match colors, animals, and more!

Make a basket! This is a favorite game inside the house or out! The “ball” can be a ball, crumbled paper, small toy, or rolled up sock! The “basket” can be a bag, a trash can, a box, or a sibling’s outstretched arms!

Can you move like a monkey? Can you stomp like an elephant? Can you balance like a flamingo? Can you skate and slide like a penguin? What new way can you move your body?

While you are outside, be on the lookout for springtime babies! Learn a Rhyme and share it! Here is a nest for bluebird (hands cupped together) Here is a hive for bee (hands in balls, wrists touching) Here is a hole for rabbit (hands in a circle) And here is a home for me! (hands above head like rooftop)

Paint a Rock! You might enjoy Only One You by Linda Kranz! The thoughtful story and illustrations include painted rocks to make unique fish. Your painted rocks may be colors or designs, your favorite animal, or a message for the person who finds it!