Happy 2015, Grace Families, and Welcome Back! As I turn my new wall calendar to January, I find myself once more making resolutions for the new year. This year, I hope to: 

1. Find a more efficient way to organize everyone’s socks. I’m thinking a big soup tureen and a box of black Rit dye should make the task easier.

2. Finish my oldest son’s baby book. Take the wrapper off of my other 3 sons’ baby books.
3. Put my car keys in the same place each time so I don’t lose precious minutes looking  for – aw dang, where’d they go this time? They were right here! Someone check the freezer… **
4. Continue to have a great time working with my kids at their preschool, and enjoy the opportunity to get to know the families and teachers at Grace
5. Finally master the lyrics to “Frosty the Snowman” so Miss Lavenia won’t have to hear me mix up the verses every – single – time. (It’s been 8 years – I fear it may never happen at this point.)
** Sadly, based on real life events.
Well, four out of five isn’t bad! At least #4 will be easy to accomplish and rewarding to boot! January is a fun time at Grace. It’s fun to see each other after a long break, and the excitement for Pancake Breakfast is building up! We have another fun and informative Parent Meeting scheduled on Jan. 22, where we will get further information about Pancake Breakfast and discuss school business. There’s a maintenance day coming up on Saturday morning, Jan. 31, where participating families get to help with the upkeep and care of the school. And the preceeding Saturday morning (Jan. 24) is Saturday School for the T/Th classes! Saturday School is a great way for non-co-oping parents or caregivers to get the chance to experience a typical school day with their child, and it’s lots of fun for all who attend that morning. If you are able to participate, I encourage you to do so!I wish you all a wonderful new year full of fun times with your families and friends!

– Frith O’Steen
Grace Preschool Board President