Grace Cooperative Preschool, April 20-24, 2020

Try making your own play dough! Combine 2 cups flour, 1 cup salt and 4 teaspoons cream of tartar in a sauce pan. (You can sub in lemon juice if you don’t have cream of tartar.) Slowly stir in 2 cups water over medium heat. Mix 4 tablespoons oil and food coloring of your choice. Keep stirring until it forms a soft ball. Remove from heat. When cool enough, knead until smooth.

Make a nature print! Use a rolling pin on clay or play dough to create a smooth surface. Put a leaf or flower with veins facing down on the clay. Lightly roll over the leaf with the rolling pin. Carefully lift up the leaf to reveal the imprint!

Celebrate Earth Day! Will you make a promise to the Earth today? Maybe you can turn off the lights when you leave a room? Can you remember to turn off the water while you are brushing your teeth? How about helping with the recycling at home? Little kids can make a big difference to help keep our planet healthy.

How do you measure up? Try measuring things in your home using more than one unit of measurement. How long is your table? Your bed? What if you used your hand to measure? How many hands long is it? What if you used a block?

Butterflies! Decorate a coffee filter or a paper towel using markers. You can drip water on it to help the colors spread. Accordian fold your butterfly in the middle and secure with a clothespin or pipe cleaner. Spread out the wings and let your butterfly fly!

We think you’ll love The Earth Book by Todd Parr. It encourages children to do little things every day to make a big difference, like using both sides of the paper to save the trees.