Happy New Year!  I know some folks think our year begins in January, but, for me, it seems to start in September with the opening of school. I’ve had the good fortune to begin my year (actually in July and August) with home visits to newly enrolled children.  What fun that is!  I get such a mixture of shyness, excitement, anticipation and pleasure!  And that’s just the family!  The children display everything from awe to unadulterated joy.  Oh, to be that young and to have so much before us.  . . . . wait a minute, we are and we do!  It’s called Grace Preschool!

We have a blend of new and returning families, which represents potential for experience, energy and enthusiasm.  The diversity of the Bay Area is reflected in our families in many and positive ways.  This is a source of strength for our Grace community.  I encourage you to reach out – tell your family story – hear others’ stories – be open to connecting and sharing.  We will try to provide a number of opportunities for you to do this.  Because we have three classes we sometimes don’t know everyone.  Because we are one preschool we want to make a real effort to connect.

On behalf of the staff –  Marlene, Meg, Joy, & Trish  – Welcome to Grace Preschool  2012-2014 !