72dpi-A-5280-MRecently we worked on the life cycle of the butterfly and discussed the stages: egg, caterpillar, chrysalis, and finally butterfly. I think most of us see the butterfly as the most beautiful and perhaps the most important. However, I question that conclusion.

Beginning with the wisdom of the mother who lays the eggs on the milkweed (knowing it will nourish the newly hatched caterpillar), continuing through the perseverance of the caterpillar who eats constantly, and the patience of the chrysalis when waiting is the task, and finally the courage of the butterfly working its way out, trying its wings and triumphantly flying about to the delight of humans and the advantage of plants – I don’t see how we can consider any one the most important.

And so it is in the preschool. There are many tasks involved in our operation and we need all of them completed in order to run smoothly. Like the butterfly, some are a bit more obvious but all are essential to the general good of the preschool. So, to each of you I extend my sincere gratitude for the part you have played in helping Grace Cooperative Preschool “grow and develop” in this school year.

My love and best wishes go with you this summer and wherever the future takes you. – Marlene