2014-illustrationThe New Year has begun and everywhere I look folks are busy and calendars are already crowded. Children and adults returned with energy and enthusiasm and we all seem to be excited to be back at preschool.

I want to highlight a few of the upcoming experiences and, as usual, encourage you to be actively involved.  First, you’ll be receiving your “homework” for the Pancake Breakfast decorations.  These are featured elements on the tables and walls and the children are always excited to point out their family efforts.

This is typically the time of year when we begin hosting tours for families looking for preschool admission in Fall 2014.  Please welcome these folks and be aware that Sarah Cler will direct their tour.  However, nothing is better than your personal sharing of your experience at Grace Preschool.

Just as we are welcoming newcomers, many of you will be approaching enrollment in Kindergarten.  Check your local school for details and look elsewhere in the newsletter for insights and details from Joy.

Mark your calendars now so that you don’t come to school on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day (January 20) or the next day (January 21).  The 21st is a non-school day to replace January 25 (Saturday), when we will have Saturday School!  Tuesday-Thursday parents who don’t regularly get to participate will have their chance to share a preschool morning with their child.

On regular days at preschool we will be looking at space through stories, songs, and projects.  So, expect your “astronauts-in-training” to share their knowledge (and questions) with you.index

Oh, yes, and we’re all getting ready for a great time at the Pancake Breakfast!  Stay healthy, take your vitamins, and enjoy every moment.

– Marlene