Marlene Hall, Director & Teacher

Marlene is an experienced parent, teacher and administrator. She has a BA in Social Studies and an MA in education and curriculum development. She has over 28 years experience in preschool and public school education. Marlene has been the teacher/director of Grace Cooperative Preschool for over 25 years.

Meg Fiset, TeacherIMG_7756

Meg is a past Grace parent and when her two daughters graduated we just couldn’t let her go. Meg has a background in nursing and studied early childhood education. She works as a nurse in the community, and enjoys being with both the young and the old.


Sarah Lee-Jaine, Teacher

Sarah has been working with young children for 20 years, spending much of her time with two year olds.  She has a Masters in Early Childhood Education.  Sarah’s two children are Grace alumni.  Her family’s favorite Grace event is Family Camp.

photo5-208x300Joy Martin, Teacher

Joy has over 25 years of experience working with young children and their families. In addition to being a mother of middle schoolers- both Grace alumni, Joy has a BA in Humanities with a concentration in Early Childhood Education and holds a Master Teacher Child Development permit.  Joy enjoys reading, art, and is learning to play the ukelele.



Lavenia Black, Music

Lavenia is a past grandparent of Grace and the adopted grandparent to all the Grace children. Lavenia is extremely musically talented and teaches piano lessons privately. She provides piano accompaniment to music time on Wednesdays and Thursdays and directs small groups of children on Fridays for “Rhythm Band” which introduces children to new instruments, rhythms, and scales.

IMG_0959 Charie Reid

Charie is a volunteer in our MWF class. She guides the children through cooking activities and special projects, and the class looks forward to the days where she brings her guitar for Circle Time. Charie was our original Director at Grace, and has a long history with the preschool.